What is Civil Engineering

   Civil Engineering is the Second Oldest discipline in Engineering, the first being Military Engineering.

What is Civil Engineering

   Civil Engineering is a discipline that deals with the fulfilment of the basic necessities of human society like Shelter, Transportation, Water Resource Management, Sewage disposal etc. You Can live without Cars(Mechanical Engineering), Mobile(Electronics), etc but you can't live without sewage systems. Think about you waking up and there a pile of sewage next to you. Can you live peacefully and in good health? Definitely not, so other branches of engineering give you sophistication but civil engineering is essential for humankind.
    Civil Engineering has many specialized branches within it over a period of time like Structural engineering, Transportation engineering, Environmental Engineering, Water resource engineering etc to cater for the needs of society at large.

Advantages of Civil Engineering as a Career Option
  1. Whatever modern technology comes and goes civil engineering will be there until humankind exists.
  2. Your Value increases with your experience not like in some other fields where your experience is not valued.
  3. Civil Engineering is a labour-intensive sector hence there will always be opening.
  4. Most of the Public works all over the world will be infrastructure development hence more openings will be available for civil engineering graduates than for other engineering disciplines. 
Disadvantages of Civil Engineering as a Career Option
  1. Since Labour is intensive, the salary and profits will be distributed to so many people hence the initial payment will be low for the freshers in the private sector.
  2. Your salary growth will be slow but will be steady over a long period of time in the private sector like a startup construction company when compared to other startups in other fields which pay hefty salaries. 


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