Brick Masonry

     Hi everyone in this post I will explain the Brick masonry in detail. At the end of this article, you will be able to clearly understand the bricks and mortar and Brick masonry as a whole.

    Before entering let me guess you will have seen in your lifetime at least once the brick masonry work. Many people will carry the bricks from the number of bricks that were stacked in the godown of a construction site to the actual place of construction.

What is actually Brick Masonry?

    Brick masonry is actually made of brick units that were bonded together with the help of mortar. The mortar may be cement, lime, or a combination of cement and lime or mud. For low height building the lime or mud mortar is used. For high-rise buildings, the wall needs to withstand wind forces, etc., etc. Hence the cement mortar is the most preferable option. So briefly speaking Brick masonry has two-part

  1. Bricks
  2. Mortar

    The Bricks are the major part of the Brick masonry. The bricks were prepared from clay soil in the plastic state that mostly has sand and alumina with trace amounts of iron, chalk, manganese-di-oxide, etc. The clay was packed in a standardized mold and made into rectangular pieces and brunt in a kiln. The burning process makes the brick hard and strong. The indication of a good burnt brick is when a hard ringing sound is emitted when two bricks struct together.

How to Identify the best quality Bricks

    Good quality of bricks is essential for better brickwork. There are various kinds of tests available for checking the quality of the bricks as follows.


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