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  Hi Everyone, Welcome to my blog the Civil Engineer. Even though I am an Engineer I read many other books on Engineering.


 Among those books "The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari" by Robin Sharma is Gem. I think it is one of the best self-help or Psychological books I have ever read. I briefly explained the book and its crux in this article. After reading this review, try to buy and read the book fully to get the whole book knowledge if you like to form the link below.

    The Book is all about "Julian Mantle" who is a famous lawyer and billionaire at the same time a very unhealthy and empty-hearted person who sold all his material possessions and traveled to the Himalayas in India and found the "Art of Living a Health and Fulfilled & Enlightened Life".

    The author told their reader a very good story to tell his wisdom of "The 7 Timeless Virtues of Enlightened Living".

The Story

    Consider a fenced Garden. In the middle of the garden, there is a Lighthouse, from the lighthouse a 9-foot tall and 150-pound Sumo Wrestler comes out of the lighthouse. The Sumo wrestler is naked and only his private parts are covered with pink-raped underwear. The sumo wrestler walks in the garden and he finds a shining Golden Watch near the golden watch he slips and falls on the ground and becomes unconscious. He became conscious after a sweet smell of Yellow flowers. He then woke up because of the scent and walked along a path where Dimond's were scattered all along the path. 

    Each of the things that I Bolded has a specific Purpose.

  1. Garden is your mind - Your Mind is everything, So always fill it with positive thoughts
  2. Light House is your purpose in Life - Find the purpose in your life and focus all your energy on fulfilling your purpose
  3. Sumo Wrestler is continuously acquiring knowledge simply lifelong learning - Each day empty your cup to fill more knowledge into your life.
  4. Pink Roped underwear is the Discipline - Clothes were made of small ropes of cotton when single they can be easily cut off. But when continuously winded together you can become a strong garment. In the same manner, you follow the above points in a disciplined fashion. You can achieve great things.
  5. Golden Watch is your Time - Always be aware of your time, and always do any work with a time limit.
  6. Yellow Flower is giving others - When you give flowers to someone some scent of the flowers will be held in your hands, hence whenever you give something to others a part will help you to grow.
  7. Dimond's Path is the live and enjoy the present moment - In the path of achieving something most people forget to live and enjoy the present moment. Hence we should enjoy the present moment and enjoy the small things in life like water droplets in the Spider web in a smog. 
The Author has given many techniques and ways to achieve the above-mentioned things in his book. I respect the author and his work, so don't reveal the techniques to achieve the above. So please buy the book and read it, it's worth every penny you spend on this book.


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