How to easily learn new things

     Hi Everyone, Welcome to "The Civil Engineer", In this article, I will give you some simple tips that will help you learn what you want much quicker and easier.

    Most of you always like to learn new things but will feel tired or bored after some time. Do you ever think why, because you are really not interested in it but due to some pressure in your job or business or for an assignment from your school you are in a situation you definitely need to learn it? Right.

    But the things you do without personal interest will let you take more time to learn them. Once you learn it becomes easy over some time through practice. But the initial phase is the challenging one.

 Let's take that you want/need to learn a new language. But you don't really want to. Instead of only going for the language classes you can watch movies in that language without subtitles. In this way, you will learn that language much faster than before, because usually, humans like entertainment like movies. If you are a person who is not fond of movies then try animes or cartoons in that language.

Let's take another example you want to learn to code in a new language(Software Language), Instead of just reading the code start creating something out of that code that you learn in such a way you could be able to learn a lot faster and easier manner that coding language than ever before.

 If you want your children to want to learn Maths like addition or subtraction, then buy the toys that they like teach thing addition or subtraction by giving and hiding away the toys in such a way that their concepts of addition or subtraction will be very strong and imbibed in their mind automatically. If your kid is interested in video games then try to find some interesting math games that keep your child engaged along with the maths operations.

    Like the above example if you can be able to associate the new learning with something that you like it's easy to learn those things.


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