How to grow in your career

    Hello Everyone, Welcome to "The Civil Engineer", in this article let me explain how you can grow in your career.

    The first point in career growth is the selection of the career, there are thousands of careers in this world if you take Information technology there are careers like Software developer, web developer, Testing engineer, etc., and if you take Civil Engineering there are so many careers like Site Engineer, Design Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, etc.,

    Search for numerous careers and get the details of what the job nature is, and whether it suits your Interest. Why I am saying this is that once you like your career you automatically start doing better at it. There is a difference between a Job and a career.

    A  JOB is Joining another business you can leave if you don't like as a Career is what you are going to do your whole life. Let me explain this with an example, You are working as a Software Developer in a company named "ABC". Here the Software Developer is a career and the Software Developer at Company "ABC" is a JOB. You can change your Job but it's difficult to change your career. So Choose the Career you like. 

    Some people like to work outdoors, in Civil Engineering, they choose to become "Site engineers" and in the future, they will become "Project Managers" in their career growth. People in Civil Engineering like to work under the roof so they take up careers like  Quantity surveyor, Billing Engineer, etc.,

    Apart from this, there are so many factors you need to consider before choosing your career like the future destination that career leads to and what skill set that career requires, For example software industry needs more new language learning skills along with mathematical skills. Civil Engineering needs the knowledge of new innovative materials that are coming into the industry. So select the career and research it in all dimensions not only from the salary perspective but also the skill set that is needed for that Career whether it is in line with your interest and liking. 

    The Second most important thing is "Realize your responsibility", if you want to know what you want to learn to shine in your career you need to know your responsibility of your career. Then you will automatically know what are the things that you need to learn to fulfill your career responsibility. 

    The Third most important thing is "Keep on Learning", you need to keep on learning the new and updated knowledge your career as well as your job demands. If you don't update you will be outdated. Hence keeping on learning and acquiring more knowledge is essential.

    The fourth most important thing is to "Keep in line with Technology", in today's world technology has penetrated all walks of life it penetrated also in all businesses, today even a small Enterprise Resource Planning software of basic version is available in any business. So learn technology to some extent even though you don't like technology.

    The Fifth and final important thing is to "Get some people-handling skills", nearly the majority of your success in your career is not only from your technical skills but from your people-handling psychological skills. You are going to deal with a lot of people in your career the people may be your Boss, Manager, or subordinate but to get the desired results you want you need to understand them. Humans are emotional beings. So know how to deal with your emotions as well as others. Believe me, it will do wonders.

    Whatever I can say but if you don't start implementing what you have learned it's totally a waste. So, Start applying the things and read some good books we have a list of self-help books on our website check that out if you want to. Share with your loved ones, their growth may help you as well as society.


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