The History and the present condition of Water

 Hello Everyone, Welcome to The Civil Engineer, In this article I am going to discuss the history of water. How it has formed and evolved over some time.

    Water is inevitable for the survival of any organism, In the earth nearly 3 parts are covered by water only 1 part is covered by land when seeing it on the surface. Hence if we see the Earth from space it looks like a Blue sphere. Hence it is known as the Blue Planet.

    We all need water, 60% of our body itself is water. That much more important is " The Water". There is also a saying that World War 3 would be for Water due to the scarcity of this resource in some parts of the earth and in the upcoming and near future if it went unnoticed. Governments all around the world are taking steps to restore water that has been depleted because of the Industrial Revolution and globalization.

    But in all the water that Earth possesses only 3% of the water is freshwater and only 1.2% of the water is available for drinking purposes the remaining water is held in the form of ice glaciers, ice caps, permafrost, and deep below the surface. 

    In the world population, nearly 6 million people worldwide are affected due to water-related diseases like Cholera, etc., annually because of the poor water quality for drinking. But in some parts of the world water is used for granted because of its abundance in that area.

    The UN with its Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG 7) has tried hard the cooperate with all its member nations to create sustainability in water.

    Water has this much amount of importance. The creation of water went water nearly 4.5 million years ago during the formation of the earth. During the initial phase of the earth, the earth is covered with hot molten magma. This magma starts to condense off with the release of some hot gases. The gases start to form mix with each other and resulting in the formation of water and various other gases in the atmosphere over a long period that is in the atmosphere today.

    The Hydrological cycle started and the ocean started to flourish and pave the way for the formation of life on Earth.

    Water is a very precious thing, By saving water we are saving life. 


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