Things that you need to consider before starting a Construction Project

   Before Constructing anything you just need to know the geography of that area because it determines the viability and profitability of the project ."The Himalayas", one of the beauty if seen from a distance is one of the highest and the most challenging but enthusiastic is you are really like it. The Himalayas consist of three mountain ranges. Constructing a structure at such a height is a challenging task but organizations like BRO(Border Roads Organization) in India still doing it. They are doing it not just for profit but for the security of the nation. But when you are constructing something Commercial or residential project you need to see the viability and profitability of the project too.

    The following are the things that you need to see when you are about to start the Project,


    Water is the most essential material for any project even for our survival. Water is used for many things like consolidation of soil, and preparation of Concrete and Cement mortar. Source of the Water is very essential.

     Source 1: Ground Water

 If you get ground water with enough capacity to meet the daily activities then it is well and good. Your construction cost won't affect that much since it only going to pay for the electricity which is not that much in some countries. But if the electricity charges are more the amount of ground water is not sufficient or if the salt content is more then you need to consider other sources.

    Source 2: Rivers/Streams/Well nearby

    If you don't get enough groundwater then you can able to get Water from nearby water resources through a service provider like a water tanker that operates nearby to fetch them for you.

Availability of Raw Materials

    In Construction the Lead i.e. the Distance is very important. The need is the Steel and the cement, Ready Mix Concrete. These material are so important and covers a major part of the expenses hence their transport and availability needs to be as near as possible. We need to find all the materials required with the desired quality and within our rates.

Soil Profile

    Your Basement of the building takes up nearly 30% of your project. Hence the soil profile needs to be found before the execution of the project and the type of foundation needs to be found. Based on the soil profile we can use Isolated Footing or Raft Footing or Pile foundation whichever is economical at the same time it won't affect the time of completion of the project.

Availability of Man Power

    Manpower is one of the most important factors when it comes to construction. The Workmanship of the project determines your profit especially when it comes to works like Block/Brickwork, if Brickwork is not done with good workmanship then a lot of cement mortar needs to be used to make the wall well-finished. Hence this will affect the profitability of the project. So the availability of Good Workmanship labor is required. If they are not found in the vicinity they need to get transported or a temporary structure needs to be arranged need the Project.   

Availability of Electricity

    Electricity is a source that you can't neglect if you are planning to do night shits in the Project or you are going to pump the Water from the ground. If any Grid power connection is not available then we need to provide electricity with the generator. So a generator for working and a generator for standby needs to be arranged.

Pre GFC Drawings

    Your GFC(Goof For Construction) needs to get readied before you start your construction work. because time is money when it comes to construction. You can't hold the project because of the unavailability of GFC drawings in the middle. Because the Labour needs continuous work. If we don't provide work for them they will move on to some other projects. Hence we need to be consistent in our work once it is started. Even if not the full set of drawings is not available then at least you need to have the drawings for 2 months' work GFC drawings. Preferably it is better to get the full set that had been finalized because the unfinalized drawings are always subject to changes. Which is not advisable for construction. Because it may lead to rework in the construction site which will affect the profitability using wastage of material, Labour, and time. In the sense I am mentioning time not only is the delivery of the project on time but if the period of the project is increased the cost of the material also increases over some time hence it will affect the profitability of the project and the reputation of your Firm or Company. That much Pre-GFC is important.

Project area or Site Cleaning

    Cleaning the project area is very important since most of the areas the project going to start will be covered with small shrubs or even trees. Hence they may contain wild animals and poisonous reptiles like snakes. And also For marking the Excavation for footing, we have a clear view of the land. hence site cleaning needs to be done. but site Cleaning needs to be done 15 days to 1 week before the start of the project because if you clean the project area and leave it over for more periods we need to clean it again since there is a chance of growing shrubs again.


    Before the Start of the project, the natural ground needs to be leveled based on our slope requirement for Rainwater runoff and Sewage lines as well as for Water supply lines.

    Now, it's all Set You can Start the Construction with excavation. The is a sequence of works that needs to be followed we will see in another article.


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