Rate Analysis for Brickwork

How to calculate Cement Bags for Brickwork: 
     Let us now calculate the amount of cement required for 100cft of Brickwork(Red Bricks).
     The idea here is very simple, first, we need to separate the motor (cement+Sand) from the brick. Let us now take the size of the brick as 230mm(L) x 100mm(B) x 75mm(D).
     Now Let us take 10mm as mortar thickness on all sides. So, the size of the Brick with the motor will become 240mm x 110mm x 85mm.

Now Let us begin the calculation,

    Volume of one Brick Without Mortor = 0.23 x 0.1 x 0.075 = 0.0017cum

    Volume of one Brick With Mortor = 0.24 x 0.11 x 0.085 = 0.002cum

    No. of Bricks with Mortor for 10cum = 10/0.002 = 5000 Bricks/10 Cum = 500Bricks/Cum or 14.16 Bricks/Cft
   No.of Bricks without Mortor for 10 cum  = 10/0.0017 = 5882.35 Bricks / 10 cum = 509 Bricks/Cum.

Volume of Mortor per cum = 500*0.002 - 500*0.0017 = 0.85cum of mortor.

Let the ratio of the motor be, 



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