Code of Practice or Standards for Civil Engineering

     Hi there, Welcome to "The Civil Engineer", There are so many codes of practice but we are mainly focusing on the Standards or Codes of Practice of the USA, Canada, UK, India, Singapore & Australia.

Why do we need a Code of practice or Standards?

    From times immemorial humankind has evolved over by rectifying their mistakes over some time by trial and error. But nowadays we understand that the resources on the earth are very limited and hence trial and error by each and every person will exhaust the resources of the earth, especially in civil engineering if something goes wrong it will lead to huge loss of lives. Hence each and every government of the world they done trial and error for all possible outcomes established their minimum and maximum allowable limits and published them as code practice or standards for the country so that resources and lives can be saved.

Why each country has different Standards?

    The Geographical Climatic and Economic condition of each country differs so each country prepares the there Standards based on the trial and error results they have gotten so that will be suitable for the well-being of their citizens in mind.

List of Standard Making Body in Each Country

  1. USA- American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  2. Canada - Canadian Standard Association (CSA)
  3. United Kingdom - British Standard Institution (BSI)
  4. India - Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
  5. Singapore - The Institute of Engineers Singapore (IES)
  6. Australia - Standards Australia (SA)
Is there any International Standards

    Yes, there is the International Standards Organization (ISO), which prepares and publishes International standards that are commonly accepted by its 168 member countries. ISO is an Independent non-government organization located in Geneva, Switzerland.



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