Excel Shortcuts

    Hi there, Welcome to " The Civil Engineer", in this article we are going to share with you a shortcut of a versatile yet simple software "The Excel" and its shortcut keys to increase your productivity by efficiently doing your work in less time. Excel was first released by Microsoft under the name "Mulltiplan", which is actually not Excel but it is the base for the formation of Excel. Microsoft launched the software with its present name "Excel" in 1985 for MAC(Apple computers), then in 1987 for Windows. After that, they started releasing newer versions of Excel once every two years interval or based on the requirement.

    So, we are going to see the shortcuts of this software because in civil engineering especially in construction the use of Excel is tremendous, and it forms the base for so many advanced software. So once you master this you can easily understand other software. Even Startups at the beginning stage use Excel. So, Wherever you go you can't avoid Excel in construction because construction involves various, mathematical calculations.
    Note, if we say "Ctrl + N" means, here + refers to pressing both buttons simultaneously. And comma(,) symbol means you need to press multiple keys to achieve the required function.
Basic Shortcuts
Ctrl Series Shortcut
    Ctrl + 9            -    To Hide the Selected Row
    Ctrl + 0            -    To Hide the selected Column  
    Ctrl + N           -   To open New Workbook
    Ctrl + O           -    To open an existing Workbook
    Ctrl + S            -    To save a Workbook
    Ctrl + C            -    To Copy the Selected items
    Ctrl + V            -    To Paste the Copied items
    Ctrl + Z            -    To undo the Previous command/action
    Ctrl + X            -    To Cut the selected part
    Ctrl + B            -    To Apply Bold Format in text
    Ctrl + F1           -    Expand or collapse Ribbon
Alt Series Shortcut
    Alt + H            -    Go to Home Tab
    Alt + H, H        -    To Choose fill color
    Alt + N            -    To go to the Insert Tab
    Alt + H, A, C     -    To Center align cell content
    Alt + P             -    Go to Page Layout
    Alt + A            -    Go to the Data Tab 
    Alt + W           -     Go to View Tab
    Alt + H, B        -     Use this to Add Borders
    Alt + H, D, C    -     Use this to Delete a Column
    Alt + M           -    Go the the Formula Tab
    Alt + Q            -    Go to Search Tab
Shift Series Shortcuts

    Shift + F10     -    Open the Context Menu
    Shift + Tab     -     Move to the Previous cell
    Shift + F2       -     Insert a note
    Shift + F9       -    Calculate the active Worksheet
    Shift + F3       -     Insert a Function
    Shift + F10     -    Open the context menu for the selected cell                        

Ctrl & Shift Combination Shortcuts

    Ctrl + Shift + End                 -     Use this to Select the cells
    Ctrl + Shift + Mouse Scroll  -     To Move in the spreadsheet horizontally


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