What are the Software's that a Quantity Surveyor(QS) need to be familiar?

    Hi Everyone, Welcome to "The Civil Engineer", In this article I am going to explain the important software that a Quantity Surveyor in specific needs to know if you are planning to enter into the construction industry. The Software requirements vary with the purpose that you are searching for, for example, if you are searching for a job your requirement will be what's the best in the industry that the MNCs and startups are using. If you are planning to start a company like a start-up yours will be different. So I explained here both scenarios. If you read this article you will be clear with both the cases, what the MNC wants and What the startup wants.

For MNCs
  1. MS- Excel
  2. Primavera
  3. BIM
  4. SAP
For Startups
  1. MS-Excel
  2. Some Computer Knowledge( For Handling their own Enterprise Resource Planning Software)
    Let me explain to you the importance of all these software and how they will be helpful to you in your career.

MS- Excel

    This is the undisputed software. As a quantity surveyor, you must know this wonderful software. It is the base for all the advanced software that you are going to learn shortly. Wherever you go MS-Excel will be there in the life of QS. This software provides you with a lot of options from simple mathematics calculations like Addition, and subtraction to complex functions like derivatives using Excel. It helps you to excel in your career. While you are using Excel try to get the shortcuts and memories this will help to reduce the time while you are working on the project. Let's say example to use the sum function in Excel there are 3 ways. One, you need to go to the home tab in Excel and then select the auto-sum option. Two, you type the sum command in the cell that you need. Third you can simply use the keyboard shortcut Alt&= on the keyboard. As you can see, among the three the last option saves 3 to 4 seconds than the other two. It may seem that not a big number but believe me it will give you an edge over others in your career. Auto-sum command is used numerous times in the work of QS. Simply put if you accumulate those 3-4 seconds the whole day you save at least 20 minutes while you are working which will increase your productivity. So it will give you an edge over others in the firm/company/office that you are working in. I just gave a single shortcut. There are various shortcuts that you can use in Excel. Search on my website for more shortcuts.
    Primavera was first launched by Primavera Systems Inc., in 1983 then it was acquired by Oracle. Primavera has many versions but Primavera P6 is the most used software in the industry. It greatly helps in the management and planning of the projects which includes cost management too. We can handle 1,00,000(1 lakh) activities in a project using Primavera P6, which is why it is the most desirable software for QS for large-volume projects. Another important advantage is that it can be easily linked and operated in collaboration with enterprise software like Oracle, SAP, and other ERPs. We will do a separate article dedicated to primaver so keep in touch with us for updates. Primavera really helps in the sequencing of works in the project.


    If we abbreviate it it is known as the Building Modelling Information which means with the help of this software you can able to generate and manage the physical and functional characteristics of places digitally. So, if you are not clear let me explain it to you. For example, you want to construct a Truss(i.e. Steel structure) in a Place. This truss can be generated as a model digitally before it came into existence. Then this model can be placed virtually on the site before construction. So the Workforce knows exactly what they are constructing and whether they are constructing it in the right dimension. Simply saying you construct and place the Truss Virtually in the place of work using coordinates then you start constructing the actual truss in the real world. It acts as a guide and checker for the construction industry. BIM is used by individuals, Businesses and government agencies to design, construct, and maintain projects like Huge infrastructural projects( Water and sewerage systems, HVAC, electricity, gas, communication utilities, roads, Railways, ports, and bridges) etc.,. This slightly now gets penetrating into residential buildings too. To avoid confusion in design an International Standard ISO 19650 was launched in January 2019.


    SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and it is designed and developed by a Germany-based SAP SE. With the help of SAP WE can do a lot of things like,
  1. Operation (Sales and Distribution, Material Management, Execution, Logistics, etc)
  2. Financials(financial accounting, Management Accounting , Financial Supply Chain Management)
  3. Human Capital Management ( Training, Payroll, etc)
  4. Corporate Service (Travel Management, Real Estate)
    SAP is really important as a QS in the material management of a project because QS is the person who is responsible for quantity take off and the management of the materials of the project in the higher levels. So they track of the Purchase, Usage, and Stock details of the materials with the help of the Purchase manager and storekeepers. So learning SAP is essential for tracking the materials.



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