What kind of Bussiness is this?

     Hi there, Welcome to "The Civil Engineer", From your reaction I think your guess was correct. It was of course Real Estate and construction Business. Until Mankind wants Shelter Real Estate & Construction businesses will be here. So, Practically speaking Real Estate and construction will be there forever. The methods may change but construction will be there. 

    But, If you are planning to start a Real estate and Construction Firm/Company there are some points that you need to consider before investing over time.

Step 1: Planning

    So, if you are reading this means you are already in this phase/step, and it's a good thing if you are seeing this before you start up. For those who are seeing this after you started up don't worry after seeing this you will be able to correct your mistake. Planning is very important in anything whether it's your business or life. While Planning to run construction and real estate, you need to consider Economic, Social, and Geographical perspectives.

    Economical Planning

    For Starting any business you need capital, the capital may differ from small to big amount based on the project that you are picking up. For those who are newly starting start small with small capital because you don't know the tips and tricks of the business. So even if you make some mistakes you can rectify them with some additional money and gain some experience then you can go big.

    Social Planning

    You are dealing with real estate which is land and emotional material for most people, practically speaking for mankind. Because mankind likes to have a land that has territorial boundaries from times immemorial. In Some cultures, the land may be considered as not important like nomadic tribes. So if you are planning to start a real estate and construction firm you will end up with losses. So the social background of the people and area is needed to run a successful Real estate & construction firm.    

    Geographical Planning

    The Geography of a place majorly determines your profitability whether it is real estate or Construction. Let me tell you how, if the geography is more rugged then when you sell your land the buyer will bargain more. If you are constructing something on that land the foundation cost will increase which makes up 25% of the construction cost. So if you have good terrain and geographical land then you will have more profit.

Step 2: Business Model

    Your Business model is important, there are three types in which you can do real estate and construction. So you need to find a perfect business model that suits you the best. Model 1: You Can sell only Land, Model 2: You can sell land along with a constructed structure, Model 3: You can Sell land by tying up with a builder or Vice versa. Among the three Model 1&2 was high capital-consuming in Nature. you can go for model 3 if you are a running-only construction firm because it will give you more clients with the help of the Real Estate Business Managers.

Step 3: Gather Enough Knowledge

    Whatever you do, gather enough knowledge about what you are going to do in business. For example, if you are going to start a construction company then work in or with a construction company so that you can be able to learn from the mistakes they are making so that you won't repeat it when you start a company. This will greatly help you to save a lot of resources which will be beneficial for both your company as well as the environment. Because resources saved are resources created.

Step 4: Be Consistent

    Believe me, Consistency is a magical work and when put into action it will do wonders in your life. Be consistent in acquiring enough knowledge consistently and rectify your mistakes consistently. By doing so you will become efficient in whatever you are doing. Let's say for example your Pickup truck didn't load material from the site of purchase but now it reached the site. So the transportation cost gets doubled. If you start rectifying the mistakes, you can avoid this by giving your pickup truck driver a checklist. So this will avoid the mistakes from happening again.

Step 5: Be Patience

    "One Day Success is the failure of multiple nights", Success won't come easy and immediately. So be patient especially when it comes to civil engineering patience is a cornerstone. Your project may go 1 year to 1.5 years or maybe less or more than that. But at the end of the day, if you follow all the above things in Steps 3&4, you will be able to gain big profits in the long run.


     "Life is a marathon, not a sprint", the same goes for Business/Entrepreneurship.




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