Is Civil engineering good for salary

 Hi there, Welcome to "", In this article from the title you may know what I am going to discuss with you. Yep, Is Civil Engineering good for Salary?

  The answer to the question is Yes. You can get a handsome amount of money to live a decent life. But Civil engineering requires a lot of manpower be it engineers or normal workers. So a Civil engineering firm or a company needs to pay all those people so the profit that the firm makes will be distributed among all. So your salary won't be as high as that of an Information Technology or a Tech people. 

    The greatest advantage in Civil engineering is that you can get job security than that of a tech guy. So you earn slower but for a longer time. But if you take a tech guy he will earn faster at the same time he can be easily replaced with a junior person who knows more advanced software than the senior person. But in civil engineering, your experience will be valued to some extent because changes in the civil engineering field are not as fast as those in the Tech field. So the methodology is followed where experience plays a major role. So your salary gets increased based on your experience.

  There are so many other factors that you need to consider before you conclude this question that there are so many factors that affect the salary of civil engineers such,

  1. Location of the Job
  2. The Role/Position that you choose in civil engineering
  3. The Industry type
  4. Education and Specialization
  5. Company Size
  6. Market Demand.

Location of the Job

   Your salary will be based on the location for example a Civil Engineer working in the US will get more salary than a Civil engineer with the same experience working in some developing country. But that doesn't mean that he is getting a lower salary. Here comes what we call the Cost of living. The cost of Living in the US is greater than developing countries. For example, if you want to get a bottle of milk you need to pay nearly $4 to $5 which you will get in cents in developing countries. So there may be slightly higher income but that is not huge when compared with the cost of living. The same goes for if you work in a metro city in your country and a Tier 2 or 3 city.

Role/ Position 

   Your Role plays an important part in civil engineering. Let's take for example you are starting a career as a Site Engineer you will end up as a project manager at the beginning of your career you will be drawing a low salary but as you climb up the ladder you will draw a higher salary. But you start a career as a design engineer you end up as a senior design engineer. The salary will be different for a senior design engineer and project manager. So your salary in civil engineering is also based on the role that you are taking up.

Industry Type

   You may think that civil engineering is all the same but it's not. There are two types of construction industry that you can encounter if you are a civil engineer. One is the Infrastructure and another one is Residential and commercial construction. Let me explain it to you, If you take on infrastructure - projects such as Roads, Government Buildings such as government hospitals, etc they come under the infrastructure. If you take gated community villas apartments and complexes they come under the Residential and commercial parts. So in both these cases the amount of salary and the scope varies depending on the firm or the company that you are working for.

Education and Specialization

   Here comes your College and your degree. If you are from one of the prestigious institutions across the globe you may get special treatment but that doesn't mean you are going to have a higher salary it all depends on your performance in the organization. Even if you are not from among the top institutions around the world you could be able to get a better salary if your performance is very good in your firm or company. But specialization is different. If you want to become a Contracts manager if you have a master's degree or a special course completion in contracts management then you will get an increased salary than those who don't have one. As I said before you will not get a higher salary for your degree but for your performance in the firm or company, So always be ready to complete the milestones of the firm or company so that you will get a good reputation in the company which will help to climb the ladder in a faster pace.

Company Size

   The size of the company will also affect your salary. For example, there are nearly 10,000 employees in that particular firm. So that kind of company already has a standardized salary structure for the employees. But in the case of a small firm or companies, they don't have a standardized form of salary structure. Hence you may get special treatment if you have good talent. But keep in mind bid companies will offer you indirect benefits which you won't get in a small firm.

Market Demand

   Market demand also increases or decreases the scope of your salary. Let's say a particular company has a lot of projects in hand but they don't have enough workforce. They need a workforce of high-quality standards. They will be ready to pay some higher than the market demand. But in case of low market demand, you will get a salary as the market or below the market. So you need to select the roles that will kick start your career and have a long sustainability on the way.  


  So my final verdict is that Civil engineering helps you get a salary that you want to live a decent life but for the long term which is inversely proportional to the majority of the tech jobs where you get high paying salary at a very young but you get outdated in a short period. But in both the fields your talent matters and how much you perform that matters. So analyze your strengths and weaknesses and conclude by choosing which you want in life. 


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