What are 7 types of civil engineers

Hi there Welcome to "thecivilengineer18.com", In this article we are going to discuss with you the types of civil engineers. You may wonder if everybody who finishes civil engineering is a civil engineer. Yes, they are civil engineers. However, some people do their masters to specialize in some of the specific domains of civil engineering. We are going to discuss that domain and its scope in the market in this article. Here we go, There are so many specializations in civil engineering but we have to take the top 7 types, which are
  1. Structural engineer
  2. Geo-Technical Engineer
  3. Environmental Engineer
  4. Construction Management Engineer
  5. Water resource Engineer
  6. Material Engineer
  7. Transportation Engineer

Structural Engineer

   Structural Engineers design the bones and joints of the building. Yep, That's Right if you take a human body the Bones and Joints are the structural members that give shape for us. In the same manner, the structural engineers design and analyze the structural members like the Footing, Column, Beams, and Slabs of the structure using software and finalize How much the dimension of the member needs to be to withstand the load created by even the worst case scenario like the earthquake. In case it is the steel structure they design it fully with steel members.


    If you take on the Career path of Structural Engineer start with the title of Design Engineer then you will become a Senior Design Engineer. In the US, The average Starting Salary for a Design Engineer (Entry Level) is $80,000 per year as you move up the ladder your Salary may go up to $1,34,651 per year. If you are interested you can start your Consultancy or firm.

Geo- Technical Engineer

   Geo - Technical Engineers are the specialized engineers in the field of Soil and Rock test and analysis. Without their report, the structural engineers can't able to design structures. because at the end all loads that were carried by the structure need to be transferred to the ground. So structural engineers need to design the structure in such a way that it doesn't exceed the safe bearing capacity of the building. Simply Saying Geo-Technical Engineers are specialists in soil and rocks.

   If you take the career path of Geotechnical Engineer, you will start as a Junior Geo-Tech Engineer and then move up the ladder as a Senior Geo-Tech Engineer. The Average Starting salary of Geo Tech engineers varies based on the demand of that particular country or region. The average salary of a Geo-tech Engineer in the US is $75,000 per year and most experienced will get $1,25,000 per year. If you are interested you can start your Consultancy or firm.

Environmental Engineer


  Nowadays, this specialization in civil engineering gaining scope because government pushes the private entities to be more environmentally conscious about whatever they are doing. So an environmental engineer takes care of these things for the firm to comply with the government laws. Due to rising pollution and climate change, this domain is booming. Apart from this Universities and colleges all the branches now include environmental engineering in their curriculum.

  If you take up your career path of Environmental Engineer you start with Environmental Engineer and move up to become senior environmental engineer in the Firm. In the US the average salary of environmental engineers is $74,850 per year and goes up to $1,26,190 per year. If you are interested you can start your Consultancy or firm.


Construction Management Engineer


   A Construction Manager Plans and organizes the entire Construction project from Start to Finish Estimation preparation hires Subcontractor and Labor, does feasibility studies, and arrives at the budget of the project. It is one of the important career options in the Construction Industry. There are so many sub-fields in construction engineering and management that you can choose from.

  If you take up your career path, they are the jack of all trades so they can be anywhere like Project Manager, or Cost Estimation Engineer, or Project Coordinator. Based on the Knowledge and Specialization you will move on the ladder. The Average salary of a Construction manager will be $58,000 per year to $1,50,000. Once you are experienced enough you could able to run your own construction company.

Water Resource Engineering

  They are the engineers who are responsible for the supply of water needs for the human population. They take care of the water requirement of the population and also they take care of the sewage transportation that is created in the urban areas. They are also involved in the treatment of sewage water for reuse. Their roles were also helpful in the design and construction of Dams and Canals. Simply put they are responsible for managing, designing, and executing water resource-related projects.

  If you take up the career of Water Resource Engineer you will start as a Water Resource Engineer and move up to the senior position in the firm. So in the US, the average Salary of a Water resource engineer is $54,438 to $93,290 per year.


Material Engineer


   Material Engineers in civil deal with the selection of the material used in construction and also they take on the responsibility of the quality of the material in construction since they will have vast knowledge of the properties and quality parameters of the materials used in construction. In some countries, they are also known as Quality control Engineers.


   If you take up a career as a Material or Quality control engineer then you will start as a Material Engineer and go up to the senior position. In the US, The Average salary of a material Engineer ranges from $70,286 and the most experienced may even get $1,47,000 per year.


Transportation Engineer


   Transportation Engineers are specialists in the planning, Design, and Execution of Transportation infrastructure like highways, bridges, tunnels, and streets. Indirectly I would say they are the developers of the world because without routes we can't go anywhere in the world. So their job will be challenging in execution and design than that of other civil engineering fields.


   If you take up a career as a Transportation engineer you will start with the Entry level Transportation engineer with a starting salary of $80,082 per year and the most experienced will get $1,50,000 per year.  


   All these engineering Professions have there own pros and cons it's up to you to decide which way you want to go. My advice is to go and see the job nature of the jobs that you have shortlisted and come to a conclusion. All these engineers also use some of the Civil software that is best in the market as you can see on our website titled " The Best Civil Engineering Software for Professional ". Hope this is helpful for you and All the best for your career. 





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