What is the role of Civil Engineering

    Hi there, Welcome to "thecivilengineer18.com", So I don't want to repeat the title you know that in this article we are going to explain What is the role of Civil Engineering? in this broad spectrum of the World. Alright, let us imagine you wake up in the morning after all your daily routine you go outside of your home to reach the office with your vehicle but the road you use has gone. Can you able to imagine a world without Street Roads or highways? Can you Imagine a World without a proper sewage system we will live in a rotten smelled world. So basically Civil Engineering excels in fulfilling the basic needs of society or the world. There are so many roles and responsibilities for civil engineers. So we precise to the most important roles that civil engineers plan in the development and betterment of Humanity.

1. Infrastructure Development

    Before going further let me explain what an infrastructure sector is all about. Infrastructure is the backbone of the economy. In Infrastructure, all the things such as Highways, Railways, Airports, Harbor ports and Important public buildings, water supply lines development, Power supply lines development as well as sewerage system development for the greater public everything will be considered as infrastructure.

    Let's Dig down deep into the Infrastructure development

1.1 Highways

    Highways and Streets were the primary nerves of economic prosperity of a country. Goods and we humans can't be able to move freely without roads and streets. Think of your nearby street as full of rocks and undulation can you be able to move freely and reach the place you want in time. Not. So Civil Engineers/ Civil Engineering Plays a major role in the construction of Roads which may be Highways or else your nearby streets.

1.2 Railways

    Railways are the Secondary Nerves in economic prosperity. Railway lines are faster than road transportation and are much cheaper means of transportation. But the initial cost of investment of railways is greater but they are feasible in the long run. The Railways tracts routes were planned and executed by civil engineers. Civil Engineering / Civil Engineers here also play a major role in Railways too.
1.3 Harbor Ports
    Harbor Ports are the lifeline of the economic activity of a country. Majority Nearly 70% - 80% of the country's goods were transported to other countries through waterways. Ports were very important to handle this. So Civil Engineers need to design those harbors in such a way that they will withstand all the natural calamities as well four easy haulage of the ships within the ports. The Cargo shipment needs also needs to be taken care of by civil engineers. From the above, you could able to see how much role is played by civil engineering and civil engineers.

1.4 Airports

    Air Transport is the fastest means of transport among all. But the Airports are the most important for Air transport. It needs to be designed in such a way the runways are designed and executed by taking into consideration wind direction throughout the year recording the weather conditions and the terrain in which the runway is going to be placed. After all these, the runway along with all the amenities like the control station for traffic management of the airport for both passengers and Aircraft is designed and the Airport is finally Constructed by Civil engineers / Civil Engineering.
1.5 Public Building
    Public buildings are buildings such as Courts and administrative offices of the government etc., We can't able to live in a country that doesn't have justice or a good administration. To have a good administration we need to have good infrastructure such as these buildings. So Civil Engineers also play an important role in the Construction of Public Buildings. What could you do with a rail network without a railway station?
1.6 Water Supply
    Take on our ancestors who stayed in the nearby water resources and made their hut near them. They go fetch water with some vessels. But Today you open up a tap and water is coming out from. This had been made possible because of Civil Engineering and Civil Engineers. The Transport the Water from the source which may be a Lake or Dam ( which also comes under the domain of Civil Engineering) to the Urban Areas through pipes. There are also other engineers involved in the Water supply systems like the pumps made by mechanical engineers etc, but the major role is played by Civil Engineering and Civil Engineers.

1.7 Power Supply

    The Power is produced by Electrical Engineers but the transportation through the construction of Electrical towers and Transmission lines was constructed and maintained by civil engineers. They design the Electrical towers to withstand wind pressures, earthquakes, and lightning because power lines need to either be buried underground or else they need to be taken through the Electrical Towers. Nowadays Underground cables are the most popular means of power supply systems since they avoid the risk of lightning, wastage, and the hazard of electrocution of living beings.

1.8 Sewage Systems

    Can you imagine a world without a restroom in your home nowadays? Even though there is a toilet how does the waste get disposed of from your home? It's all Because of the Underground sewage systems that we designed and maintained by the Civil Engineers and Civil Engineering. They find the gradient that is suitable for the free flow of the sewage systems by taking keen consideration of the population of the city, determining the amount of sewage that will be generated, and designing those sewage systems.

2. Residential Development

    Residential Development is the construction of the house construction or apartments. Think about the house that you are living in it has all the basic requirements that you need. Such as Water Supply, Electricity, Ventilation, Toilet facilities, and a roof that protects you from external weather conditions like heat from the sun, rain Cold, etc. All these were possible because of Civil Engineers and Civil Engineering. They play a major role here too.

3. Commercial Development

    Go to your street you may find a hotel, jewelry shop, or Supermarket that constructed all these things of course it's a civil engineer with the help of civil engineering. So here too Civil engineering plays an important role. These buildings will have all the facilities such as Water supply Electricity, Ventilation, Toilet Facilities, etc., but were designed commercially like glass facades to showcase their products. This is opposite to that of a residential building where the privacy is the most important thing.

4. Urban Planning

    So all the things that we have seen converge in the urban areas of the world if it goes unregulated without planning then it will be catastrophic. So urban planning and planned cities were very much essential to curb the congestion in urban areas or cities. Civil Engineering or Civil Engineers play a pivotal role in urban planning. Here also they have an inevitable role to play.

    So the role of Civil Engineering and Civil engineering is vast they play a huge role. So in this vast domain, it's up to you what you want to explore more. If you have anything on your mind please tell us in the comment so that we can help you to explain or clarify the same.


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