What is the Process of Contracts and Billing in Civil Engineering?

     Welcome to "thecivilengineer18.com", Civil engineering and construction involve a lot of Contractors/laborers so making a contract in writing will help both the Management and the Contractor/laborers get an assurance that they will get the money for what they work at the same time management will free from the stress that their is an assured workforce with them. So either way it is beneficial for both the parties.

    For those who don't know what a contract let's say you are a construction firm and you want the work that you have need to be done by another person who os willing to do a work on a particular Rate. For example there is foam work that needs to be completed. You arrived that the foam work can be done within a rate of 45 Rupees per square feet along with the contractors profit who you are going to get employ. So you are quoting 45 Rupees per square feet as your base price. So there will be numerous contractors out there in the market who csn able to do. Among them some will approach you to do the work or you need to approch them to get your work done.

Things that need to be seen before giving work to a contractor / Sub- Contractor


 The first thing that needs to be seen before contract is the workmanship of the contractor i.e the quality of work / finishing that the contractor could able to achieve for the quoted cost per unit. You need to decide weather the workmanship of the contractor is Superb / Satisfactory / Average / Low . If it is ok for you, you can proceed to the next step.

Workforce of Contactor

 The Workmanship may be Superb but if your project needs a faster completion then the contractor also need to have more workforce to complete the project on time. So along with workmanship the workforce is also important while selecting a contactor.

 If both these, creteria were satisfied within the prescribed rate per unit of work then we can proceed with the terms of the contract. Before terms let we see what are the various types of contracts that are available for making contracts.

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