Grades of Concrete

     Welcome to "The Civil Engineer", I write articles on this website regarding Civil Engineering on a regular basis. Feel free to ask your doubts in the comment section. About myself, I am a Civil Engineer with 9+ years of experience in the field. In this article let me explain the Grades of Concrete.

About the Importance of Concrete

    You Can't Imagine Civil Engineering without Concrete. Concrete is Very much essential for construction. Even if you make a steel structure the foundation needs to be concrete. Hence Knowing about concrete is crucial.

    Concrete is a mixture of three material's namely - Cement, Sand and Aggregate in a specified Ratio. The ratio determines the Grade of the Concrete.

Grades of Concrete

  1. M5    - 1:5:10
  2. M7.5 - 1:4:8
  3. M10  - 1:3:6
  4. M15  - 1:2:4
  5. M20  - 1:1.5:3
  6. M25  - 1:1:2
    The Above given are the Nominal mix Grades of Concrete which are used for different purposes on standard loads. There is also some Concrete mix which is specially designed for carrying specific loads like pier's in bridges they are known as Design mix.

Grades and Uses

    From the above, the M5 to M10 grades of concrete were used for PCC purposes. The M15 and M20 were used for normal residential structural members and M25 was mostly used for High rise buildings with heavy loads.


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