Site Clearing in Construction

    Hi there, Hope you are doing well. So if you are planning to construct a house or you are ready to start a construction firm then you are at the right place. To start the construction of a house or a project you need to clear the project site which is very essential for the construction of buildings. 

What is site clearing?

Site Clearing under progress in a Construction Project

    Site clearing is the removal of obstacles like large rocks and unlevelled soil, trees and plants, as well as all the organic and anthropogenic(Man-Made) things within the project boundary or in some cases also outside the project boundary that obstruct us from constructing the house or the construction project.

How Site Clearing helps in construction

    Site clearing helps in a better view of the condition of your land and its undulation which in turn helps to level the surface for construction. It also helps in clearly marking the boundary of your site and marking the buildings for excavation purposes. It also helps in doing Boomi puja with ease.

Which is best Manual or Machinery

    I strongly recommend going for Machinery like JCB or Dozer for site clearing. Why I am saying this because the unused site may be the house for some venomous creatures like snakes etc. So if we go for manual then there is a chance that people may get hurt by them. If you ask me what would happen to those creatures, don't worry they are smarter than us humans. Machines make a lot of noise and vibration than manual works. so they easily move to some other places which in case of manual site clearing is not possible. Use manual clearing on places where machine clearing is not possible to finish the site clearing process.

Things that need to be considered before we start the clearing process

    Before clearing you need to define or plan which places you are going to get cleared. For example, if your site is small then you need your neighbour's site for storing materials and also for a labour shed to provide shelter for the labourers. In case you are running a project in inaccessible areas then you also need to provide accommodation to your engineers too. For this, you need to clear some extra spaces part from your project site boundary. Also if you need to do trench works for laying of pipes for drinking water and sewage disposal for temporary structures of your project make sure that you do this at this stage itself. This will help in saving time and resources. Take photos of the neighbour's site to avoid any future conflicts with the neighbour.

Things that we need to consider during the site-clearing process

    While starting the clearing process we need to start in such a way that the debris that was created will be easily moved to a place where it can be disposed of without affecting our project. If it can be used for refilling or some other purpose it needs to be placed in a convenient place for the desired work. Office building, Store, Marketing office Labour shed and toilet planning needs to be already done before the clearing process because during clearing itself the Machinery that is employed can be utilized for the excavation of the plumbing line and toilet excavation for the respective structures.

How to calculate the cost of the site-clearing process

    There are three main factors that you need to consider before calculating the cost of clearing the project site, these were 

  1. Vegetation of the land - It is easy to remove small shrubs and herbs but it is difficult to remove large trees which is labour intensive. So if site clearing involves removing a lot of trees the cost of site clearing will increase.
  2. Debris - So if you have a lot of debris after clearing you need to shift it out which will cost more. 
  3. Labour Charge - For removing trees, the labour charges vary from place to place and hence it is also a deciding factor.
    So taking all these considerations, I am writing this article in 2024 from India. Here, the national average cost of clearing one acre of land i.e. 43560 sqft ranges from 35,000  to  3.5 lakhs. The Higher the vegetation in the plot the higher the price it goes.


    Hope this article is helpful for you, Share it with those who need it. Thank you.




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