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What and Why Codes Are Important

    Uniformity is essential when we do teamwork. So to cater to uniformity, Standard codes are produced by the respective governments since nation-building and quality maintenance are achieved through uniformity. In the case of  India it is the "Indian Standard Code" simply "IS Code". Here Below if have mentioned some of the important IS codes that were needed for the Civil Engineer when we got to work.

Benefits of Learning of IS Codes

  1. Quality Maintenance - IS codes are prepared after so many trials and errors and compiled from numerous previous worked-out practices that have a proven record of the past. so by knowing these IS codes, we can make sure the quality is ensured.
  2. Always a level ahead in the ladder - Whether you are new to construction or else you are doing civil engineering knowing IS codes helps to communicate with your superiors or helps you to train your juniors in a better way for the organization you work with. Even if you are running a construction company it helps you to deliver your project with proven standards.
  3. Dispute Resolution - If there is a dispute arises out of what is right you can always refer to IS codes since they are used extensively throughout the country for construction practices.
How to read IS Codes

    IS codes especially for Civil Engineering are general ones that can be read by any normal person but some are more subject-specific and can be read by only Civil Engineers with subject knowledge. Some need to be read together with other IS codes for better understanding and implementation.

The List

    Civil Engineering is a border area within it there are so many specific fields/jobs are there so I try to segregate the required IS codes for each of the Professions within Civil Engineering. So I go with the Order in which a Construction project needs to be done.

Drafting Team - For the Creation of Floor Plans

A Plan 

    IS 962 - Code of Practice for the Architectural and Building Drawings  - This code helps you to better familiar with the layout preparation of the construction project by telling you the sizes in which the drawings need to be made, in what scale, and how the buildings need to be numbered in the layout, how the rooms need to be designated etc., This code is the bible for the Civil Drafters out there.

Structural Team - For the Design of Structures

Structural design of a building in Design Software

    IS 456 - Code of Practice for Plain and Reinforced Concrete - This code focuses on the design of RCC structures both in the Limit state method as well as working state methods. It also tells you about what kind of materials need to be used, and how the workmanship needs to be done. The testing and inspection of the concrete structures.

Estimation Team - For Quantity take-off and Costing

Quantity Take off by an Estimation Engineer in Office

     IS 1200 - Method of measurement of building and Civil Engineering Works - This code is the bible for Quantity Surveyors for taking out the measurement for a construction project.  It has 28 parts that were and each part discusses about a specific item of measurement.

    IS 1200(Part 1)  - Earthworks
    IS 1200(Part 2)  - Concrete Works
    IS 1200(Part 3)  - Brickworks
    IS 1200(Part 4)  - Stone Masonry
    IS 1200(Part 5)  - Form Work (Shuttering)
    IS 1200(Part 6)  - Refractory Works
    IS 1200(Part 7)  - Hardware (Bolts and Hinges and other carpentry works)
    IS 1200( Part 8) - Steel Work and Iron Works
    IS 1200(Part 9)  - Roof Covering(Including Cladding)
    IS1200(Part 10 ) - Ceilings and Linings
    IS 1200(Part 11) - Paving, Floor Finishes, Dado and Skirting
    IS 1200(Part 12) - Plastering and Pointing
    IS 1200(Part 13) - Whitewashing, Colour Washing, Distempering and Painting of Building Surface
    IS 1200(Part 14) - Glazing
    IS 1200(Part 15) - Painting, Polishing, Varnishing etc.,(Steel and Wood Works)
    IS 1200(Part 16) - Laying of Water and sewer lines including Appurtenant items
    IS 1200(Part 17) - Roadworks - but withdrawn
    IS1200(Part 18) - Demolition and Dismantling
    IS 1200 (Part 19) - Water Supply, Plumbing and Drains
    IS 1200(Part 20) - Laying of Gas and Oil Pipelines
    IS 1200(Part 21) - Wood Work and Joinery
    IS 1200(Part 22) - Materials
    IS 1200(Part 23) - Piling
    IS 1200(Part 24) - Well Foundations
    IS 1200(Part 25) - Tunneling
    IS 1200(Part 26) - Acid Resistant Lining
    IS 1200(Part 27) - Earthwork Done by Mechanical Appliances
    IS 1200(Part 28) - Sound Insulation Works

    After taking the quantities of the construction projects by using the above IS codes we can apply the market rates of the respective items.

Quality Control - For Ensuring quality in Execution

Quality testing of Concrete on Site

    IS 1199 - Method of Sampling and Analysis of Concrete - This code helps in ensuring the quality of concrete.

    So, These are the very essential IS codes that Civil Engineers need to know. Search more in ""




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